The Reviewer is the pathology expert able to conclude on the results provided by the image analysis or directly from the scanned stains with just simple of the screen tools to make final conclusions about each case. The reviewer is also responsible for final reporting for each case.

The Reviewer will be a person trained in histology reporting and experienced in evaluation of histology cases maybe even certified for it. The Reviewer can save time by delegating time-consuming tasks like cell and nuclei counting to quantitative image analysis algorithms as well as getting the system to estimate membrane staining levels and to extract tumor area from stroma area and segregate invasive from pre-invasive conditions as well as make HotSpot analysis for easier identification of review area.

Over time the Reviewer can add algorithms from a fast-growing portfolio of APPs representing helpful tools also for estimating tumor load, identifying ductal carcinoma in situ, tumor budding etc. APPs can be set up to evaluate single stains for evaluating staining based on several biomarkers. An example would be proliferation levels based on Ki-67 in addition with having a PCK stain to ensure counting is only taking place in tumor areas.