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“At Servier, tissue based quantitative image analysis approach is becoming more and more important in order to answer the increasingly complex questions in Research, particularly in the field of immuno-oncology. Our good knowledge of the various market players has naturally led us to choose Visiopharm, which we believe offers the most advanced and promising solution by being at the forefront of the development of new analytical technologies such as deep learning. We are convinced that the integration of Visiopharm will enable us to support research and development projects and to provide patients with ever more innovative medicines”

Catherine de MONTRION, PhD. Head of department Molecular Histopathology, CentEX Biotechnology, at Institut de Recherches Servier France

“OracleBio strives to provide services at the forefront of Digital Pathology and this is signified by our continual efforts to adopt the latest innovations in the field. We have identified Visiopharm’s AI deep learning and phenotyping multiplexing modules as key technologies that will allow us to enhance image analysis capabilities, diversify the range of quantitative outputs, and ultimately improve study outcomes for our clients. Visiopharm is an industry leader in the Digital Pathology space and we are pleased to be extending our long-standing partnership with them.”

Lorcan Sherry, Chief Scientific Officer of OracleBio, UK

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