Corista and Visiopharm Integrate Capabilities to Offer Enhanced Digital Pathology Experience

February 5th, 2019

The integration of the two platforms provides immediate access to quantitative image analysis from within Corista’s digital pathology workflow suite

Corista, an integrated pathology solutions leader, is excited to announce our integration with Visiopharm, a global provider of image analysis software. Corista will extend direct access to Visiopharm’s Oncotopix® from within its award-winning DP3® comprehensive workflow suite.

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Visiopharm Announces Akoya Biosciences as an Authorized Reseller of Oncotopix® Discovery and Biotopix™

November 5th, 2018

Visiopharm A/S announced today a partnership with Akoya Biosciences, the technology leader in multiplexed immunofluorescence including the Phenoptics™ portfolio with the Vectra® and Vectra Polaris® systems. As part of this agreement, Akoya becomes an authorized reseller of Visiopharm’s suite of image analysis software, including Phenomap™ and the teach-by-example Artificial Intelligence (AI) modules.

Visiopharm is very pleased to have Akoya Biosciences join our partner and authorized reseller community. Our complementary technologies enable scientists and pathologists to better interrogate the disease biology through biomarker discovery and automated cell phenotyping within tissue samples. Our joint customers will benefit from two companies who are committed to driving innovation and providing solutions that deliver efficiency, standardization, and the reproducibility required to support large scale translational studies from discovery through clinical research” said Amanda Lowe, Senior Vice President of Visiopharm.

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Visiopharm Becomes a Technology Leader in Deep Learning and AI Image Analysis for Digital Pathology

October 3rd, 2018

Visiopharm Launches AI Powered by Deep Learning: Letting Pathologists Harness the Power of AI

The Oncotopix®/Biotopix™ AI image analysis platform is powered by the latest technological breakthroughs in AI and Deep Learning, providing the most comprehensive solution for image analysis available for Digital Pathology today.

With near infinite configurability, the Visiopharm AI software platform addresses even the most complex and challenging image analysis applications. This allows scientists and researchers to grow and evolve with their research without constantly hitting the walls of software limitations.

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Fluidigm Announces Co-Marketing Agreement with Visiopharm to Expand and Simplify Imaging Mass Cytometry Data Analysis

September 10th, 2018

Visiopharm Phenomap software presented at the Fluidigm Imaging Mass Cytometry User Group Meeting, expanding the suite of Hyperion Imaging System data analysis tools for translational and clinical research 

Fluidigm Corporation (NASDAQ:FLDM) and Visiopharm A/S today announced a co-marketing relationship to automate image analysis for Imaging Mass Cytometry™ (IMC™). Under the terms of this agreement, Fluidigm and Visiopharm will cooperatively promote Visiopharm® image analysis software in conjunction with the Fluidigm® Hyperion™ Imaging System, MCD™ Viewer software and related Maxpar® antibodies and kits.

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