LAUNCHING Phenomap™ - New Automated Phenotyping Software Tool Streamlined Analysis Workflow of High Dimensional Images

September 7th, 2018

Introducing Visiopharm Phenomap™ Multiplexing a novel software tool to help you streamline and automate the analysis workflow of high dimensional multiplex datasets, for deeper understanding of potential relationships in the tumor microenvironment (TME).

Phenomap™ offers a streamlined and intuitive workflow for simultaneous analysis of up to 255 channels by automatically identifying individual cells and performing cell-based phenotyping in high dimensional multiplex images.

Researchers and scientists have a growing necessity for simultaneous analysis of multiple biomarkers to identify immune cells within the tumor microenvironment (TME). Imaging the tumor microenvironment has inherent problems as there are many different types of immune cells to identify.

Phenomap™ can help researchers and scientists to perform comprehensive quantitative measurements of expression, (co)-localization, proximity, counts, neighborhoods and more.

The features include automatic classification of cell populations in tissue images, automatically names phenotypes and cells to simplify the subsequent analysis. Results can be visualized in a class relationship generating a phenotypic profile and matrix, and t-SNE clustering plots for cell phenotypes.

This software will pair with Imaging Mass Cytometry (IMC™) generated results, offering a powerful workflow to augment the analysis of highly multiplexed datasets from the Fluidigm Hyperion™ Imaging System.

The Phenomap™ is an add-on module and available from now for existing and new users of the Author™ Module in our Visiopharm image analysis software platform (VIS).

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