TIP 5: Make a Sound Business Decision and Follow Through

Making a Sound Business Decision

A well researched plan will greatly reduce the risk associated with digital pathology and will enable you to make a sound business decision. If you follow the previous four tips you will have the information you need:

However, the decision may be to 1) implement all  2) implement some or 3) implement none of the proposed solution.  No matter what the decision you must keep to the facts and not allow personal beliefs, emotions, or the influence of third parties to sway the smart business decision.

Follow Through

Whatever you decide you must put the plan into ACTION!

Action is the foundational key to all success.

~Pablo Picasso 

 The next steps will be to create an implementation plan with milestones to mark your success and keep track of where the project is. Then assign a team to manage the project.  Make sure you engage your team members and the laboratory and medical staff; learn what they will need to be successful with digital pathology.  And last but not least, always have a “Plan B” or backup strategy.

If you are trying to create a plan for financial success and need help, contact Digital Pathology Consultants.