HER2 Protein Expression in Breast Cancer: Membrane Morphology and Accuracy with Regard to Gene Amplification

Join Visiopharm for our webinar, “HER2 Protein Expression in Breast Cancer: Membrane Morphology and Accuracy with Regard to Gene Amplification” presented by Michael Grunkin, PhD the CEO and co-founder of Visiopharm.

Date:     Monday, May 19, 2014
Time:     4:00 PM  CET/ 10 AM EST/ 7 AM PST
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Date: Thursday, June 19, 2014
Time: 4:00 PM CET/ 10 AM EST/ 7 AM PST
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About Webinar

Robust, reproducible, and accurate assessment of HER2 protein expression is essential for making optimal treatment decisions in breast cancer: Both false-negative and false-positive readings can have serious implications for the patient. It is well known that the inconclusive 2+ is often an overused classification, leading to expensive and time-consuming reflex testing of HER2 gene amplification.

The descriptive nature of the ASCO/CAP evaluation criteria (membrane intensity and completeness) are good at capturing key elements of the cognitive process of visual human assessment of a stained tissue specimen. It is clear, however, that the descriptive (although ordinal) nature of these criteria are open to considerable subjective interpretation which may contribute to the inter- lab and pathologist variability observed in practice.

In this webinar, we demonstrate how membrane morphology can be quantified as connectivity (or generalized membrane completeness). It is shown how this measure alone can be used to achieve high sensitivity and specificity with respect to gene amplification. Across multiple labs, we also demonstrate how this leads to significant reductions (great than 75%) in reflex testing, leading to significant cost reductions.

HER2-CONNECT™ is CE-marked for In-Vitro Diagnostic use in Europe, and can be used for Herceptest®/Dako, Pathway/Roche®, and Oracle Bond HER2®/Leica. Performance data from more than 170 pathology labs has been established for several scanning platforms, including Aperio/Leica, Hamamatsu, and Omnyx.   Learn more…

About Our Speaker

Dr. Michael Grunkin is co-founder and managing director of Visiopharm. He received his Ph.D in image analysis from the Technical University of Denmark in 1993. His post-doctoral work was carried out on Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard Medical School, where he combined a strong theoretical and practical background in image analysis with applications from the life sciences. Learn more…