Aarhus University Hospital Selects Visiopharm for Cancer Diagnostics

After thorough testing, and internal clinical validation, Aarhus University Hospital selects Visiopharm’s Oncotopix™ Diagnostics – a platform for computer assisted quantitative diagnostic immunohistochemistry (IHC) and In-Situ Hybridization (ISH).

At Aarhus University Hospital, we have worked for several years with digital pathology and image analysis, but so far only for research purposes. Now we are ready to start the process of going fully digital. That means scanning all slides and making the diagnosis directly on the monitor. We are working closely with Visiopharm to make this transition happen. Over the last year, we validated the diagnostic Oncotopix Diagnostics system extensively.

That has allowed us to demonstrate that image analysis provides a more exact and reproducible diagnosis. We strongly believe that the greatest level of knowledge allow us to provide the best possible diagnosis. From a workflow perspective, it is very important to us that the system is fully integrated with our LIS system. That makes it simple to integrate image analysis and digital pathology in our normal workflow.

Finally, we need a system that is innovative, which can be used for diagnostics, and enables us in simple way to translate research into clinical practice. Oncoopix Diagnostics and Oncotopix Discovery meet all of those requirements,", says Prof. Torben Steiniche, Head of Department, Institute of Pathology at Aarhus University Hospital.

Oncotopix™ Diagnostics, a truly open platform validated on major slide scanner and reagent manufacturers, provides an AP-LIS driven workflow to improve productivity. The workflow provides laboratory technologists with the tools necessary to handle all technical aspects of biomarker quantification. The quantitative immunohistochemistry and gene probe analysis results are then presented through the AP-LIS for review by pathologists. Oncotopix™ Diagnostics includes Visiopharm’s CE-IVD marked algorithms for the breast panel. The algorithms include HER2, Ki-67, ER, and PR. More diagnostic algorithms are being developed and validated by Visiopharm for breast cancer, and other tumor panels.

Oncotopix Discovery is an infinitely configurable, comprehensive cancer research solution powered for whole slide image analysis of tissue sections and TMA slides across any image analysis application. Image analysis algorithms (APPs) can be authored, then unattended batch processing can be done across entire studies with any number of research APPs for efficient biomarker quantification to support various immuno-oncology applications and much, much more.

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