Multiplex Phenotyping

Automated phenotyping of high dimensional multiplex images

Researchers and scientists are experiencing an increasing need for simultaneous analysis of multiple biomarkers to identify immune cells within the tumor microenvironment (TME). Imaging the tumor microenvironment has inherent problems as there are many different types of immune cells to identify. Interpreting high dimensional, multiplexed images represent a significant challenge to the unaided human cognitive system. Examples of high dimensional multiplex images include those generated through immunofluorescence (IF) or Imaging Mass Cytometry™(IMC™).

Multiplex Phenotyping offers a streamlined and intuitive workflow for simultaneous analysis of up to 255 channels by automatically identifying individual cells and performing cell-based phenotyping. It is a dedicated software tool for performing comprehensive quantitative measurements of expression, (co)-localization, proximity, counts, neighborhoods, and more - all within an automated workflow!  

Visiopharm's Multiplex Phenotyping streamlines and automates the analysis workflow of high dimensional image data. It offers a simultaneous analysis workflow of up to 255 channels, enabling tissue and cell segmentation for cell-based phenotyping.