Automate to save time and costs.

Tissue Micro Array (TMA) study designs can be extremely complex with hundreds of TMA cores in one block, and with several sections stained with a variety of biomarkers. Tissuearray™ is validated for in vitro diagnostic use (CE IVD) in Europe in combination with the CE IVD APPs from Visiopharm (ref. 1). All other applications are for Research Use Only.

Manual analysis of such designs can be overwhelming, tedious, time-consuming and labor-intensive. With automation, a faster study completion can be reached without having to compromise on quality and reproducibility.

Tissuearray™ is by far the most comprehensive, dedicated solution available on the market. With the tools available it is possible for non-pathologists to complete all technical aspects of the analysis as well as test scientific hypotheses, before having the data reviewed by a pathologist.

Add the Tissuealign™ module to allow for automated alignment, VirtualDoubleStaining™, and multiplexing to be seamlessly integrated into the TMA workflow. For tumor detection, colocalization studies and automated biomarker quantification the Engine™ module allows for analysis of individual cores or aligned stacks of cores.

An entire study can be executed in unattended batch & queuing mode. Distribute the analysis over a network of available Engine™ installations to allow faster processing and shorter time to result. Ready-to-Use APP’s from the Visiopharm APP Center can be run on any number of TMA cores or aligned slides.

Data and overlays are automatically stored in the database as it is computed, and remains associated with each core or stacked core.

The review tool opens an internal spread-sheet, linking core positions with computed results. Clicking on a patient ID with a computed result immediately brings up the TMA core with all relevant overlays, making it simple, fast, and efficient to review an entire study.

Calculations, statistical tests, and graphs can be created with the integrated calculator or exported as an Excel spreadsheet for further analysis.

“The TMA is the embodiment of high-throughput pathology. The platform combines tens to hundreds of tissue samples on a single microscope slide for interrogation. TMAs have enabled the rapid and cost-effective screening of biomarkers for diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive utility” (S. M. Hewitt, Methods Mol Biol, 2012; 823:201-14).


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Advantages of Tissuearray™

  • Delivers high-quality results for Tissue Micro Array analysis
  • Keeps errors down
  • Improves study overview
  • Reduces time to obtain study results
  • Provides a tool for faster patient case workflow

Tissuearray™ Smart Workflow

  • Workflow is guided by wizards explaining what to accomplish in each step
  • Reads block designs from professional TMA spotters and links donor ID with individual TMA cores
  • A work-list of all TMA slides provides an overview of the entire study and all the slides/ biomarkers involved
  • Fast and simple de-arraying with a graphical representation of the design matched with the scanned TMA slide
  • Analyzes all cores and markers in one batch•  For easy navigation all TMA slides are dearrayed 
  • Enables automated tumor detection and co-localization studies drag-dropping TMA sections to be linked.
  • Automatically align all cores in linked sections based on information from the block design
  • Working with even the largest TMA de-signs is fast and storage efficient with no overhead
  • Results can be reviewed before storage, or transferred automatically to the Database/LIS

1. Package Inserts for Visiopharm Ki-67 APP, Breast Cancer, ER APP, Breast Cancer and PR APP, Breast Cancer.