Everything should be as simple as possible, but not simpler as Albert Einstein said. Working with image analysis in a constantly evolving research environment comes with a unique set of challenges that warrant careful consideration; on one hand, the analysis tools must be simple, easy to use, provide instant productivity and consistency of results across users. On the other hand, researchers will always need the flexibility to grow with their research, as insights evolve. If this latter requirement is not met, chances are that progress will either be very expensive and/or there will be significant delays.

The Author™ module makes it possible to meet both needs in a uniquely straightforward way with 3 user profiles – Operator, Designer, and Reviewer.

Operators: Will only need to know how to load a ready-to-use Analysis Protocol Package (APP) and run that APP across one or more slides. This can be learned in less than an hour and ensures instant productivity. Visiopharm offers the largest available library of pre-defined APPs (see, where uncalibrated APPs are free to users of the Author™ module. With a Ready-to-Use APP Operators can prepare cases for a Reviewer.

APP Designers: Can design new APPs from scratch or they can modify ready-to-use APPs to fit new applications which is a great starting point for creating and maintaining existing workflows. The Author™ module offers researchers a comprehensive and dedicated tool with unlimited freedom of expression for creating new fit-for-purpose analysis APPs. These APPs can be locked and deployed for use by Operators and Reviewers.

Reviewers: Reviews the quantitative results, integrates to the native file format, which ensures fast view with zooming, pan,
flip rotate and adjustment properties. This gives researchers the full flexibility to grow with their research, with minimum additional costs and/ or delays.

Authoring APPs in a few easy steps
The Author™ module offers a user-guided environment, allowing users to express, modify and define all relevant aspects of a tissue analysis APP in almost a natural language. Programming experience is not required for working with the Author™ module.
Image analysis in general can be broken down into a few basic steps. These steps are implemented in a logical workflow-driven in the Author module, allowing control of every aspect of the analysis.

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Advantages Author™

  • High-level and intuitive language for defining new image analysis APPs
  • Infinitely configurable and does not require programming skills
  • Develop, design and lock APPs for automated application
  • Driving proven improvements in reproducibility, sensitivity, and specificity of automated quantitative biomarkers assessments compared to manual reading
  • Access to the world’s largest library for pre-defined APPs, immediately modifiable and useful as templates for a new APP.

Product Features

  • Simple and intuitive guided workflows 
  • Integrates with native file formats
  • A long list of refined tools for easy application
  • Work in conjunction with complex TMA designs (requires the Tissuearray™ module)
  • High-precision alignment of any number of scanned tissue sections independently of tissue and image modality (requires the Tissuealign™ module)