Michael Grunkin, PhD

Chief Executive Officer Dr. Michael Grunkin is founder and managing director of Visiopharm. He received his PhD in image analysis from the Technical University of Denmark in 1993. His post-doctoral work was carried out on Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard Medical School, where he combined a strong theoretical and practical background in image analysis with applications from the life-sciences. From 1996, he was the technical founder of two Danish companies developing advanced image analysis technology for diagnosing osteoporosis and various diseases manifesting themselves on the human retina. In 2001, he co-founded Visiopharm, which is focused on the development of general as well as application-specific image analysis solutions for the life-sciences.

Amanda Lowe

Senior VP, Operations, Americas Amanda Lowe is a Senior Vice President of Operations for Visiopharm, leading the US based team operating within  both North and South America. She received her BA from Michigan State University and the Eli Broad School of Business in 1999, and became Six Sigma Green Belt, Lean, and Black Belt certified for healthcare through Villanova University in 2011. In 2004 Ms. Lowe began her career in digital pathology as the National Sales Manager for Bacus Laboratories, Inc one of the first digital pathology companies on the market. Bacus Laboratories was acquired by Olympus America, Inc in 2006 and Amanda continued her digital pathology career with Olympus. In 2009, Amanda founded Digital Pathology Consultants; a consultancy firm who advised commercial digital pathology companies and digital pathology end users within the healthcare, research, and biopharmaceutical markets. Digital Pathology Consultants was acquired by Visiopharm in December 2012. At Visiopharm, Amanda has also held roles as a Director of Business Development and Director of Marketing.

Mikkel Rahbek, M.Sc

Sales Director, Digital Pathology Mikkel Rahbek has a Master’s degree in biomedical engineering with specialty in image analysis from the Technical University of Denmark. His master’s thesis was conducted in collaboration with Visiopharm to improve the Tissuealign™ module used for aligning serial sliced histological slides. His work formed the basis of the algorithm used in the module today. After several roles with Visiopharm Mikkel is now working as a Sales Director, solving advanced image analysis problems in digital pathology and managing clinical test sites.

Martin Kristensson, M.Sc.

Senior Vice President, Sales Europe Martin Kristensson is Senior Vice President, responsible for sales in Europe. He received his M.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark in 2011, specializing in Signal and Model-based Diagnostics, combined with Image Diagnostics and Radiation Physics. In 2014, he became a certified Project Manager at Copenhagen Business Academy. Together with a team of dedicated professionals, he coordinated the development of Visiopharms clinical products, and the change management processes used to implement the tools in the daily clinical routine across Denmark. In close collaboration with colleagues and customers, he continues to investigate new applications of image analysis within pathology, pursuing new ways of offering standardized high-quality data and diagnosis. At Visiopharm, Martin has since 2011 worked in various aspects of the business including system integration, professional services, as an application scientist.

Lars Pedersen, PhD

Sales Director, Digital Pathology & Stereology  Lars Pedersen joined Visiopharm in 2002 after completing his doctoral training at Informatics and Mathematical Modeling, Technical University of Denmark. The strong academic background in digital image analysis and statistical pattern recognition combined with several years of experience in stereology allow Lars to provide highly qualified guidance and expertise to users of the Visiopharm’s software products. Lars has a high number of publication behind him, the latest one from a collaboration with Karolinska University Hospital.

Benjamin A. Freiberg 

Ph.D. in Immunology, Vice President Technical Sales, Americas, has worked with image analysis systems and taught at international image analysis courses for the last 15 years. During the last 3 years, his focus has shifted to image analysis of whole slide images as a component of digital pathology. Dr. Freiberg’s time is predominantly spent on developing image analysis algorithms for Visiopharm customers and assisting the North American sales team with complex image analysis algorithms.