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Register Now: Detecting Lymph Node Metastasis Using Artificial Intelligence

Tune in to our webinar on Thursday, October 24th to see how you can detect micro and macro lymph node metastases with a high degree of accuracy using artificial intelligence.

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Download 10 selected science posters highlighting the applications of digital image analysis in cancer research.

The posters demonstrate how leading scientists have made astonishing gains towards understanding intricate cancer pathways, for example, in areas such as PD-L1, which has shown potential as a companion diagnostic test.

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Train with Us – Visiopharm’s Training Academy

Do you need assistance in moving your project forward? Sign up Visiopharm’s software courses. You can get help to design your APPs for image analysis projects or design your protocol for a stereology study.

Available Courses:
Image Analysis – Beginners
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New APP: H&E, Metastasis Detection, AI

This APP utilizes AI/deep learning and has been trained to detect micro- and macro-metastases in lymph nodes associated with breast cancer, stained with H&E. The deep learning architecture allows it to recognize complex structures and interpret the tissue context when analyzing an image, making it an efficient tool for detecting even small metastases that are not easily noticed.

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New APP: Picrosirius Red, SADS

Sudden arrhythmic death syndrome (SADS) is a sudden, unexpected death in apparently healthy, young people where the underlying cause cannot be identified [1].  Sudden deaths are commonly attributed to cardiac abnormalities. Myocardial fibrosis, which includes an excess amount of collagen in the myocardial tissue, is a structural abnormality that may represent underlying cardiomyopathy causing sudden deaths [2].  Picrosirius red (PSR) is a stain that is commonly used to visualize collagen [3]

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