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Advanced Virtual Multiplexing Webinar

by Dr Regan Baird 

26th September 2017, 20:00 CET, 2:00 pm EST, 11:00 am PST


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Clinical User Group Meeting 2018 - Augment your Pathology

January 24-25, 2018


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Short Course on Quantitative Digital Pathology

October 23-27, 2017

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New APP: PD-L1 Lung Cancer

PD-L1 is typically expressed on normal cells but has been observed in immune cells and tumor cells while PD-1 is typically expressed on cytotoxic T-cells and other immune cells. Tumor cells can upregulate PD-L1 expression and avoid being attacked by the body’s immune system, making an interruption of the PD-1/PD-L1 interaction an attractive method for assisting the immune system in destroying tumor cells.

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