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INTRODUCING: AI Architect - the professional toolbox

Build, visualize, and edit your deep learning networks. Get control over your neural network design without having to learn Python, Keras, Tensorflow, PyTorch, CUDA and other advanced programming elements with our newest add-on module, the AI Architect.

You get all the functionality required to battle small dataset sizes, control overfitting, training speed and execution in addition to many more possibilities.

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LAUNCHING: AI Powered by Deep Learning for Image Analysis

Do you have an interest in saving time, automate cell identification, segmentation, and quantification? Take a look!

The Oncotopix®/Biotopix™ AI image analysis platform is now powered by the latest technological breakthroughs in AI and deep learning, providing the most comprehensive solution for image analysis available for Digital Pathology today.

Explore AI image analysis powered by deep learning 



Launching Phenomap: New Automated Phenotyping in High Dimensional Images

Introducing PhenomapTM Multiplexing a novel software tool to streamline and analyze high dimensional multiplex image data. 

PhenomapTM is a streamlined and intuitive workflow for simultaneous analysis of up to 255 channels by automatically identifying individual cells and performing cell-based phenotyping.

Discover how PhenomapTM can help you - read more


New APP: CK16, Skin Damage

Cytokeratin-16 is a type I cytoskeletal protein. It is used as a marker for epidermal hyperplasia, a characteristic which is associated with various inflammatory skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis and psoriasis [1]. In contrast, CK16 protein expression in normal epidermis is very low or absent.

This protocol can be used for quantifying the epidermal expression of CK16. It divides the CK16 staining intensity into four categories: no staining (negative), low staining intensity (1+), medium staining intensity (2+), and high staining intensity (3+). An intensity score is calculated based on the categories.

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New APP: CD3+CD20+CK, Sjögren's Syndrome

This APP allows for automatic quantification of CD3 positive T-cells and CD20 positive B-cells within CK positive ducts.

Sjögren’s syndrome is an autoimmune disease characterized by infiltration of lymphocytes in the striated ducts of salivary gland tissue. The most common symptoms of the syndrome are dry mouth and dry eyes resulting from decreased production of saliva and tears.

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