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The term stereology originates from Greek "stereos" means bodily or spatial. According to Wikipedia, Stereology "is an interdisciplinary field that is largely concerned with the three-dimensional interpretation of planar sections of materials or tissues".

Stereology can be compared to an opinion poll. Both require some form of well-defined sampling followed by a question being put to the suitably sampled individual. To get an unbiased opinion, it is a requirement that both the sampling and the question are unbiased. It is important to realize that a well-planned sampling design will often be the critical element in deciding if an experiment is feasible.

In stereology, the way in which the questions are asked is to overlay geometric probes, such as disectors, planes, lines and points at the object and observe how the probe and the object interact. For the result to be unbiased both the sampling and the probing, counting or measuring, must be random.


Visiopharm offers the renowned new Computer Assisted Stereological Toolbox newCAST™ that are used by researchers all over the world to perform design based stereology. CAST was originally developed by Hans Jørgen G. Gundersen in 1995 and was integrated into the Visiopharm Integrator System VIS in 2005 in close collaboration with inventors and innovators of modern design-based stereology, Prof. Hans Jørgen G. Gundersen and Prof. Jens R. Nyengaard from the Aarhus University. All probes supported by the software are scientifically well-documented and have been rigorously tested. The probes may be combined, creating a versatile tool for unbiased, stereological analyses in virtually all fields of biomedical research. Visit our stereology publication list or the Stereology Webinar list.

Modern whole slide stereology - a new beginning!
Johnnie B. Andersen, Ph.D.
April 30, 2015
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