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Patrik Dahlén

Patrik has spent the past 30 years of his career in life science and diagnostics. For 16 years he worked with PerkinElmer in various positions such as R&D, marketing and business management. In the last 15 years Patrik has worked as the CEO for various companies including Dako, NeuroSearch, BioImage and Immunodiagnostics Plc. Patrik has a broad experience as a board member, and has served as the Chairman of the Board in several companies like Olink Biosystems, Proxeon, and Sophion with successful exits as a result.
Susanne Hřiberg, Dr., European Patent Attorney
Board Member

Dr. Susanne Hřiberg is CEO, board member and Partner in the IP law firm Hřiberg. Dr. Hřiberg entered the IP profession in 1990 with a Copenhagen based intellectual property firm. Hřiberg IP Law firm was founded by Dr. Hřiberg in 1995. Dr. Hřiberg specialises in patent portfolio strategy and innovation management within the areas of biotechnology, medicine and medico-technology with issues that range from prosecution globally, licensing, collaborations and technology acquisitions, patent validity and infringement. Dr. Hřiberg graduated from medical school at University of Copenhagen in 1988, and worked as a medical doctor in Glostrup Hospital as well as cancer researcher before entering the IP field. Dr. Hřiberg teaches IP in CEIPI Denmark and gives lectures and seminars on various IP issues. Dr. Hřiberg is a member of the Danish Patent Agent Association, FICPI as well as the European Patent Institute.
Thomas Weilby Knudsen, M. Sc.
Board Member

Thomas Weilby Knudsen is the managing partner of NorthCap Partners ( He has been in venture capital since 2002. Prior to joining venture capital, Thomas Weilby Knudsen, has an operational background from ERP consulting, IT and telecoms, and held several senior management positions at TDC and Cybercity. Thomas Weilby Knudsen has extensive experience in establishing new businesses within Internet and telecom across Europe. Thomas Weilby Knudsen holds a M.Sc. degree in Economics (Finance and business administration) from University of Aarhus. Thomas Weilby Knudsen has board experience from TDC Hosting (eStructure), Kapow Technologies, Octoshape, Intelepeer, Nangate, among other IT companies.
Henrik Stender
Board member

Dr. Stender is owner of Stender Diagnostics, which specializes in the transition of innovative research technologies into commercial in vitro diagnostic (IVD) products.

As co-founder of AdvanDx he served as VP of Research & Development until 2011. Prior to AdvanDx, Dr. Stender was Director of Microbiology at Boston Probes, which was acquired by Applied Biosystems in 2001. Before joining Boston Probes in 1998, he was project manager at DAKO and inventor of the first PNA-based test for infectious diseases.

Dr. Stender has 20 years of experience with all aspects of developing diagnostic test kits. He has spearheaded the transition of the PNA technology from an academic curiosity to powerful diagnostic tools with documented improvements in patient care supported by numerous FDA clearances, patents, publications in scientific journals and presentations at international meetings.

Dr. Stender holds a M.Sc. in chemical engineering and a Ph.D. in immunology, both from the Technical University of Denmark, and he received his Bachelor degree in commerce from Copenhagen Business School.
Michael Grunkin, Ph.D
Board member and CEO

Dr. Michael Grunkin is founder and managing director of Visiopharm. He received his Ph.D in image analysis from the Technical University of Denmark in 1993. His post-doctoral work was carried out on Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard Medical School, where he combined a strong theoretical and practical background in image analysis with applications from the life-sciences. From 1996, he was the technical founder of two Danish companies developing advanced image analysis technology for diagnosing osteoporosis and various diseases manifesting themselves on the human retina. In 2001, he co-founded Visiopharm, which is focused on the development of general as well as application-specific image analysis solutions for the life-sciences.
Johan Doré Hansen, M. Sc.
Board member and CTO

Johan Doré Hansen is co-founder and CTO in Visiopharm. He received his Masters Degree in image analysis from the Technical University of Denmark in 1995. Until 1999, he developed high-speed industrial inspection systems though his own company, Imaging. One of his major achievements is a hardwood parquet sorting system, which is currently running on several production lines. In 1999, he entered the field of life-science image analysis, and was the driving force behind the development of algorithms for diagnosing diseases manifesting themselves on the human retina. In 2001, he co-founded Visiopharm.
APP Center
The APP Center provides access to a library of analysis protocols that are ready-to-run and can be used with minimal training. APPs eliminate the learning curve of image analysis, and can be tested free of charge, providing a risk-free approach to quantitative digital pathology.
Visiopharm quantitative digital pathology solutions provide pathologists and scientists with a flexible, powerful suite of software to quantify relevant tissue properties in a fast, objective and reproducible way.
Professional Services
Visiopharm's professional service team delivers outstanding customer service and support. All team members have a master's and/or Ph.D degree in scientific image analysis, information technology, stereology, or other biological sciences.
Resource Center
The Resource Center is a valuable knowledge base for current customers and visitors interested in learning more about image analysis, stereology, and Visiopharm software solutions.
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