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Quantitative Digital Pathology

APPsolute Digital Pathology: Cost-efficient and risk-free

APPsolute Digital Pathology is a novel approach to Quantitative Digital Pathology (QDP); costs are reduced, the learning curve is minimized, and the common risks of adoption are eliminated.

The APPCenter provides access to a library of solutions that are ready-to-run and can be used with minimum training. All APPs, including Custom APPs, can be tested free of charge; making this a risk-free approach to QDP.

A Complete Solution

Visiopharm software combines the strengths of Image Analysis and Stereology in one platform.

Visiopharm is the technology leader in Quantitative Digital Pathology. For more than 10 years, we have focused on developing technology for Quantitative Digital Pathology in close collaboration with world-leading biopharmaceutical companies, clinical and veterinary pathologists, and academic researchers.

Visit the APPCenter to explore the many research areas in which Visiopharm Image Analysis tools are being used, or visit the Stereology Application Examples page for information about how Visiopharm’s stereology toolbox can be applied in different research areas.

In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) Applications for Europe

Visiopharm is developing CE IVD modules for in vitro diagnostic use.

Visit IVD Modules to learn more about commercially available IVD modules.

Modern whole slide stereology - a new beginning!
Johnnie B. Andersen, Ph.D.
April 30, 2015
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Digital Pathology
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May 4-7, 2015
Copenhagen, Denmark

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